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The mouth of the Sooke River

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Has anyone been out there to fish? Is there any shore?
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Lots and lots of Chums around right now and most are very old. I keep trying for coho but no luck for me. Not sure if they are around in any numbers or if they've gone through already. Its my first year fishing the river. Maybe further up by the potholes??? Haven't made it up that far yet.

Talked with some native guys in a boat right up by the camp site and they say the fish are late this year (or missing, or a small run) and normally they would find them out in the basin at this time or earlier.
vanislealoha said:
Maybe further up by the potholes??? Haven't made it up that far yet.
Ahhhhhh..... nope.... keep looking ;)
I have one other spot I might try!!! Heard a few rumours about it.
I had a bit of free time this afternoon, so I went and checked out the mouth. I have never fished the Sooke before, and since it's pretty close it's about time I got out there. There were a couple of people fishing the spit, and one of them had landed a chum. We fished for a couple of hours, and nothing happened. Before heading home, we tried right at the bridge. We watched a small school swim past, but didn't touch any fish. All in all, I think I'll leave this river alone. It is just a little to urban for my liking. Maybe if I had had multiple hook-ups I'd be singing a different tune though.
they arent holding down there this year S2....
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