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The Stamp River November 25th, 2007

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I fished The Stamp on Sunday with "Old Trout" who happens to work with me (small world). We went over Saturday night and crashed in Port Alberni after scarfing back some pizza and a few beers. Got up at six am and were fishing by seven. We fished with Nick at West Coast River Charters and though it was cold, it did not rain or snow.

We got into about 10 or 11 fish and limited out by 1:00 pm with both of us bringing home one summer run and one 10 or 11 Lb absolutely chrome winter run each. I thought the trip two weeks ago was the best one of the year but this one trumped it. Before landing my last fish of the day I lost a monster and I was totally pumped.

Thanks to Nick for a great trip and great fish as always.

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Good to see some fish coming in. I was out around then, fishing from the bank, and caught nothing. Well done.
can't wait til the 14th, me, Ortho, and Ken Meyers in his new zodiac ;D :thumbup: :beerchug:
SilverTrout said:
Those are some nice pics :thumbup:
I will be there Jan 9,10,11.I'm starting to get a little nutty :happy:
Ill be there 27-30 of december. chyeeeeah.
shortfloater said:
Ill be there 27-30 of december. chyeeeeah.
Be ready for a gong show! It'll be on the day after xmas til the new year!

got my trip booked for the 31st with kenny meyers :beerchug:
Nice report, thanks for sharring!! :thumbup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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