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The steelheaders apprentice

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Hey all! Haven't posted in a while.Have been hitting the rivers fairly hard since just before Christmas with only a couple of recent "float down- shake,shake/ flash,flash-gones" to show for it.Have been showing the future son-in-law the ropes since late coho season.Taken him on about four outings for steel,and yesterday he comes up with this
wild doe quickly released after the photo op. I think the grin says it all!
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gotta love that first steelhead grin ;D nice fish guys. ive been out 3 times and blanked so far :'( hopefully i can get my first on the spey this year :thumbup:
Beauty!...............Gotta love all the guys geting their first fish this year........Ortho 8)
Lots of first timers are doing very well this year. Great to see.

Finder :cheers:
Nice fish there :thumbup:
weather looks a bit nasty
oh well that's winter steelheading for you 8)
sweet steelie for his first!
that is enough pump to keep him coming back for more!
Nice fish. I would agree that lots of guys are getting there first steel so far this year.
Has anyone noticed ALOT more people on the river this year? Im seeing this years weekdays consistanly matching last years weekends, maybe some people are taking an extra long winter holiday.
Britguy said:
Nice fish there :thumbup:
weather looks a bit nasty
oh well that's winter steelheading for you 8)
Yes,it was a hardcore day for sure.Many thanks to the developers of neoprene and p.v.c. !!!
Nice fish! Even nicer spot! ;D :thumbup: Seems like u found it aswell, hope to see u there this season, or mabey i'll have to change and go somewhere farther down
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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