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Hey fishers!
Wow, we had some much needed rain and everything was happy. Including the Sturgeon.
Our Friday Sturgeon charter out in Mission was grey, misty, raining, and cooler. But the fishing was hot.
Not even 5 minutes into the trip and a beast was hooked into. It quickly exploded out of the river like a missile!
Our father-son clients from Columbia were engaged into a hour long battle. Dad had the help of his 8 yr old son for a few minutes. The boy said he could feel the strength of the fish was too much so he went back to taking video. Once landed the fish was measured at 104 inches or 8ft 8 inches. That's 350 lbs according to the White Sturgeon weight chart.
This set the pace for the rest of the day. We did hook a small one of just under 3 feet that the boy almost reeled in by himself. He liked that.
Although it might rain on a Sturgeon trip, there's no need to worry. The fish are already wet and you don't have to be inside our covered cab.
fraser-sturgeon july242015.jpg
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