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I'm down in Cocoa Beach with the family for Spring Break. We spent the day on the beach and I was watching a lot of the snowbirds (retired people from northern climates who come south in winter) surf fishing with their monster poles and spinning reels. In the evening, we were sitting on our balcony enjoying a cocktail, when I see this guy in the water, rod in hand, wading into the surf.

I thought I'd post a couple shots of him. I suspect, after a long day in the hot sun, sitting on his beach chair, swillin' Bud, in his mind, it was a good idea..."I gotta find a way to cast further...hmmm...<light bulb>...I know!". :eek:

Unfortunately, with the reduced file size, you can't see the rod in his hand. Here's a link to some larger files, if interested: http://www.lanslide.com/clientapps/fishing

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Sorry to break up this part'eh but I do beleave I see goggles and a spear in this good man's hand
which would make a little more sense. Never the less he must still be crazy given the size of the
surf. :drunk: .........Better on the beach.......Marko..... ;D
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