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Hello all and Wookie,

I've been visiting BC since August and am a visiting scientist from Purdue University in the US and am now at UBC through December. During my brief stay I have had some remarkable trips fish fly fishing for salmon on the island and a little bit around the city proper.

Sadly, my time to return to the midwest is almost here...but....there may one more trip that needs to be done. I've got my metal studded shoes and a skagit line system and can't help but to think a trip to the Thompson is needed before I go. I'm a little spoiled for steelhead numbers on the St. Joe, Manistee, and Pere Marquette in the Michigan/Indiana area, but just to have a chance to fish the Thompson, that can't be passed up. Has anyone been up that way lately? Is there a stretch that anyone can recommend that is a little less likey to send me sprawling upside down into a deep hole. Don't really know much about the sections that would be the best to try, but my schedule is pretty open, and I'd like to make the drive and have a go at it.



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Hi Dan
Just drive to the town of Spences Bridge in the afternoon. There is some very good fly water there. Get a room. Go scout out all the runs you see anglers at and watch what they do. After a good nights sleep get up at dawn and make your way down to the river. All of the river at Spences Bridge can be accessed from the roads and highway via a short hike. Be prepared for extreme conditions with no amenities. If you do a search of this site you will glean a lot of useful info. Lastly this river is not like it was when it gained its reputation as a world class steelhead destination. Be prepared for slow fishing as the run is not very big compared to the Great Lakes trib stelhead trip fishing. It is a very intimidating big piece of water unrelenting. If you hook up it will feel like a freight train similar to the one you will hear as you try to sleep. Best wishes.
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