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Thompson River and Tunkwa Updates?

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I'm going camping at Tunkwa Lake this week for a few days and will be fishing there and taking a drive out to the Thompson to fish. I'll be learning to fly fish at Tunkwa and gear fishing at the Thompson(for springs if there are any..). I am mainly interested in any Thompson reports because im not sure how the fly fishing learning curve will be and I've never fished the Thompson before. I have read all the previous posts on the Thompson though...

I'll post a report on my trip when I get back next friday.
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Al at the resort (Tunkwa Lake) will tell you what's up on the T. He loves his jack fishing...every day off he is down there...Joedy's hands are raw for tying roe bags for his master... ;) ;) ;)

Aw....Joedy knows I love him, like a overly concussed brother....
Fished Tunkwa this evening for about 3 hrs, very busy on the water...long weekend. It was very slow. Managed to hook into one.....almost took the rod out of my hand!!! It came out of the water and it was easy to see it was a very good fish but when it hit the water it was gone. Wish it would of stayed on longer was likely going to be a good battle!! I talked to some guys at the lake and they said it has been slow. I saw one guy get a small one with a bobber and worm. The water was quite murky, almost yellowish. Is it like this at this time of year? Not much wind tonight. The lake was covered in chronies but I did not see anyone in my sight hook into anything with them. Lots of surface activity. I hooked mine on a purple leech. FYI
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