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Thompson River Fishing

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Has anybody been out fishing the Thompson river lately. Looking for a spot between kamloops and Barriere.
Been out to Kamloops Lake and caught a couple of 3 lbs trout.
Thanks Doug :twisted:
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I was under the impression the thompson was closed to fishing until June 1st? I'm pretty sure that's correct, but if I'm wrong on that could someone please correct me?
Thompson River

The river is open to trout. There is a spring closer.
Doug :p
I just want to clear things up here, I checked the regs and read that the South Thompson's open, but the mainstem is closed until a special C&R fly only fishery in may, then open to all june through sept.... so am I missing something? I know you live near there Doug so you prob know more precisely what's being refered to in the regs....but it does state no fishing. I assumed that included trout? These regs aren't exactly the posterchild for efficiency, but then again, neither is fisheries....
Rib :D
Thompson river

What I under stand trout is open
I phoned the co and they didn't know were the the north and south Thompson met at. After being passed a round they settled on the Overlander bridge anything down after that is the Thompson. But yes trout is open. It just salmon stealhead that are closed.
??? Is the thompson open???

Is it open?
I would like to say that it is very important to read the regs and understand what you are reading before pronouncing a water way OPEN, on the internet. Nothing you hear on these sites can be taken as a true REGULATION, and thats the bottom line.
As for the Thompson, it is presently closed from KAMLOOPS lake all the way to the Fraser,PERIOD, no exceptions. However, on May 1st it opens from the CNR bridge below the Deadman river to the CNR bridge above the Bonaparte river, and this is for flyfishing only.
The rest of the river opens on June 1st and remains open until Sept 30, where it will be monitored on a day to day basis for a steelhead opening. Rumor has it that with last seasons improved steelhead return, we may even get a Oct 1 opening, lets hope.
ABOVE Kamloops lake is open all year.
Remember there is a year long bait ban above Martel, which is located 5km past the town of Spences Bridge.
I hope you all get to enjoy the most underrated trout fishery in the province.
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I went to the ministry about the regs, and was told by an officer up there, in the office, that the thompson was open, as long as there are no date attatched, and it only says, "Exempt, Spring closure" in the regs. This means (according to the ministry) that anything with that is open. This opened up a lot of creeks, streams, and other rivers for us to fish in. The way I figured it, if in doubt ask the people who wrote the book. It can save a lot of possible hassles.
Kam Fan, the river is only open year round ABOVE Kamloops lake, anything below has regulations that are VERY important to the fish. It's all in the regs, I know, I have 200 copies in the box the ministry sent me :lol: . Not to mention I fish this river ALOT in it's OPEN time frames.
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