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Thrasher Rock Report

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Hi All,

Headed over to Silva Bay for the weekend. Fished Saturday Morn from Thrasher on a line to Commodore's Passage. One line at 150 ft, and the other at 100ft. Was using an army truck hoochie on the bottom and a green Apex on the top. Hooked into two springs with in a couple minutes of putting the lines down, one on each rod, but lost both. I took my little nephew out to show him the ropes!, and in the middle of explaining to him what to look for when a fish hits...bang the Top rod released and handed him the rod. It pulled out about a 30ft run, then snapped the leader. Was a bit of a big fish for his first!. Then two minutes later the bottom line released but got off before I could set the hook. Then no action for the rest of the day. It was sure nice to get out though!
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To bad none stuck but sound like a good day anyhow... I wish I was over there.
Have fun, Jason
Ha anyone been over to Thrasher or Grandies this week? I was thinking of running over tommorow, only if there are some fish being caught.

This link will be likely your best bet.


or try on this forum......a fair number of folks from the island may have recent reports.

Oh yeah thats Bob's site. I forgot he had one. Thanks
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