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Heading to the Vedder Monday for three days fishing :)
any reports
water level,clarity etc :D

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Ok here goes
Got there Monday morning went to Freds for some bits and bobs
then boked into the Inn
Then hit the water with the drift gear
weather was fine sun and rain showers
nothing at all
water was up on last week but still pritty low
we fished from the railway bridge down
then finished off at the canal
didnt see one fish :?

Tuesday decided to try the fly rods
weather sunny water clear
Started at the railway bridge seen a couple of fish turn in the water
one turned right over my line close in
tried some nice runs that we thought had to have fish in
went through the fly box but nothing
and didnt see any caught :?

Wednesday got up at 5am hit upper river with the drift gear
weather was great sun and cloud water clear
my friend sat down by one hole while i went up a bit to fish another hole
nothing doing so i joined my buddy
and he informed me that he saw three fish tucked close in the bankside
he tried to get his bait close but they just moved into the deep part of the hole
so i fished it with roe
then i changed to a pink worm and sliding float set at about 12 feet
let it run through the fast water then let it hold up in the swirl
and down went the float
fish on, big air time, two small runs, wild fish released(see pic earlier post)
nice to see lots of wild fish in that system
we fished a bit longer then some guy joined usand nothing for any of us
by 10am we had to leave to check out of the Inn
and then we set off home
great trip great weather
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