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Three days of sturgeon.....

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Friday was a day for father and son fishing, so my soon to be 14 year old and I headed down from Mission to a couple of our favorite holes.... As usual, we were not disappointed as we ended up with several nice fish, the biggest being just shy of the six foot mark...

Saturday was a repeat of Friday with a buddy of mine joining us. We got into fish down low then when it died down, we headed up to Sumas Flats.... Got into a few nice chunks there too!... Was nice to see a few boats dropping anchor on some large fish... :thumbup:

Sunday turned into salmon day so we headed up to Island 22 to launch and ran up from there.... we ended up with four hooked and none to the boat...Oh well, was a great day....for us this day was the best as we decided to go for a run uuupppppppp river..... we ended up just above Yale before we turned around.... first time for us in this part of the river...ver unique looking canyons etc.... will do it again soon... :happy:

Side note here...Bent Rod, if you read this, we saw you Sunday nite at 22 and your tail lights/brake lights looked like they weren't working, just the three across the center of the trailer worked. Tried to pm you, but your box is full!

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Thanks! Do yo have any picture of that north part of the river you were talking about?

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