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So...when to fish? I know that many of you seem to have the time to fish from dawn to dusk, but we are not all so lucky. Some of us can only squeeze in a few hours occasionally, so we want to maximize our chances of success during that time.

My question relates to the timing of high tides and fresh fish and the time of day. It is commonly accepted that first and last light of the day are the most productive times to fish on our rivers. I have also heard it said many times that the fish that are most likely to bite (and of course the most desirable) are the ones who are coming in on the rising tide. When this lines up with the crack of dawn the fishing should be great, but what about when high tide doesn't occur at a river until the middle of the day? Is it best to be there for a few hours from the crack of dawn, or is it better to wait to fish until the middle of the day?

Obviously this is a very inexact science, but I would appreciate hearing peoples' opinions. Thx.

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What happens is rare to have a push of fish in the middle of the day unless there are in great numbers
and seek security in such. The early morn with low level light help in navigation as well as exposing
natural preditors. This is why they will lay low in mid day when they can be easily detected.

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