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Fished the Southwest Corner of the Southbank yesterday (weather too snotty to get out to the Big Bank) out of Ukee. Drug the gear right in the mud. Ran a hootchies (green glow spatterback w/ pink racing stripes) behind a custom UV flasher on one side, and a host of terminals on the other. The hootchie outproduced even bait, and we ended up switching both rods to the same. Hit ~ 18-20 fish down at 160 feet, landed 15 in a quick 2 hours. Largest was about 25 pounds, smallest about ten.

Starting to get right HOT off the Real West Coast Gentz! Heard from my partner that hali's were thick and Hungry out on the Shallow Spot this am (of course the weather tamed down, I'm off the pond today ::))

Hope to see a few of you out there enjoying the bounty Mistress Pacific has to offer! :beerchug:

Tight Lines!
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