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What a month Junuary has been!!!! You wouldn't think that we passed our summer solstice over a week ago, as the weather has been what we would commonly see in January, February and March. Although the air temperature has been pretty moderate, the chance of an early summer water shortage in the Tofino area is extremely unlikely.
The low pressure systems that have continued to push in from the South-South East open Pacific have not been a total detriment to our fishing though,..Chinook and Coho Salmon have been encouraged to travel down the coast into to the Tofino area waters, but most specifically the inner waters of Clayoquot Sound. June has normally provided a good fishery in these same inshore waters over the years, but over the last two weeks, many vessels have opted to focus on the inshore waters for their Salmon action, as opposed to the traditional offshore areas that normally provide the area's most consistent action for Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon and Halibut. Chinook Salmon in the 12-28 lb. range, and Coho Salmon averaging 5-8 lbs have no doubt been enticed to stay inshore for prolonged periods and feed on the very abundant Needlefish (Sandlance) and juvenile Herring stocks that we have not witnessed in such solid masses for a few years now.
Gear of choice for the Salmon fishery both inshore and offshore has been trolling with Anchovies behind a Red or Purple/Silver Oki Flasher.
Some of the new bait teaser head colors from Rhys-Davis have been helping with success rates, most noteably the Glow/Bloody nose and U.V. Clear getting the majority of front line action.
Halibut fishing in the Tofino/Ucluelet area has definitley been good as normal for June, even with days of tough weather conditions. Fortunatley for our local offshore fishery, the moderate South-East wind patterns don't create much of an ocean swell, so wind waves were the only challenge to fish effectively, therefore providing access to our baitfish rich banks 4-10 miles offshore for Halibut and mixed stocks of abundant Bottom fish species.
Large Herring fished on a spreader bar in the 145-200 ft. depths has been the best for our Pacific Halibut averaging 18-40 lbs, but the stinky artificial baits now available from numerous companies have been consistent producers, especially when tipped with a little fresh bait.
Ling Cod and Bottom fish are spead all over our outer coastline, with specific reefs and pinnicles becoming guide favorites, often requiring specific GPS coordinates.
Large fish to date for the Tofino area have been Halibut to 105 lbs. caught by Clayoquot Ventures Guide Blake Klopfenstein, and Chinook Salmon 34 lbs. also caught by a guided Clayoquot Ventures Vessel. Numerous Coho Salmon released offshore have easily broken 15 lbs. and will only get bigger considering they have over 3 months to mature.
Further detailed info can be provided by visiting www.tofinofishing.com or calling 1-888-5FISHBC
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