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Tofino Fishing Peak Season Report August 2008

Along with the "generic" tourism brief that I have attached below, some more meat and potatoes for Tofino Fishing......

The past week to 10 days has seen very little use of Anchovies or Herring due to Dogfish. Even through a couple of wicked South East blow days, the salmon action has been very consistent. Most guides and others are trolling offshore approx. 6-9 miles, running gear from 96 ft and deeper. The infamous "Tofino Turd" (J85 Squid) has been ripping it up, with other hoochies like "Marty's" (155) cuttlefish also a standby. Spoons have been good as well, either 4-5 inch nickle/green Titans behind a flasher, or larger Gibbs Wonders or Titans fished naked as there are good schools of Pilchards to run them just under..
Plugs 5-7 inches are also pretty common right now for many, with a couple simple dots along the lateral line to resemble a Pilchard making them even more effective. #500, 602, 232 are always standbys.
Chinook are showing in better size over the last few days, but still a little smaller than average, with not many Tyees. The numbers easily make up for the size difference.

Coho,,,big and bigger! We really have not seen many small Coho all season, with many Coho over 12 lbs inshore and offshore. Our inshore Fly/Gear boat "Power Play" has been doing well, with many large Chinook releases, and one Coho at 21 lbs.
For those of you that understand feeding Coho at this time of the year, there are no special gear secrets, just sharpen your hooks and keep the line tight while they jump and spin.

Halibut and Lings are always out there, with *********** baits best while the doggies are around. Spoons on the spreader bar are also good with a little scent.

With fishing like this, and the main runs a little delayed, we are sure looking forward to September Fishing.

More updates to come soon,


Historically, mid to late August is a time when the Tofino area coastline plays host to some of British Columbia’s strongest and diverse stocks of Salmon, most specifically the prized sport fishing species, Chinook and Coho. This season’s fishing action has been very consistent for the Tofino area, unlike many areas of the B.C. coast that have experienced a change or delay in Salmon travel and feeding habits.

Though the transient Chinook Salmon have showed up in far greater numbers than forecasted for this time of the season, the overall size has been somewhat smaller than usual. This could be due the concept that most Salmon run patterns are approximately 2-3 weeks behind normal timing, and we are likely now seeing strong numbers of Salmon that normally show up in local waters through July and early August. In contrast, the Coho Salmon numbers have been slightly less than anticipated for this time of the year, but far larger on average than we would normally see in years past, with a few Coho breaking the 20 lb. mark this past week.
Baitfish stocks in the offshore and inshore areas are extremely strong, and this is likely a main factor for the larger sizes of Coho Salmon, as they are true eating machines during this stage of their life cycle.
During August, an intense low pressure system with substantial rainfall can move fish further down the coast, and also encourage more fresh southward migrating Salmon to arrive in the area. These new runs are often composed of different stocks of Salmon, and can be different shapes and sizes. That is exactly what has happened this week in the Tofino area, with strong numbers of larger Chinook arriving to Tofino’s offshore banks, providing anglers with more great action thanks to a strong summer rain.
The inshore waters of the sound have seen limited fishing pressure, as the Fishing regulations require all Chinook Salmon over 77cm to be released within 1 mile of the coast. Though there are some great opportunities for catch and release fishing for large Chinook, many anglers and guides prefer not to catch or handle these precious wild Salmon that are likely destined to local rivers to spawn early this fall. These same inshore areas do provide great options for Coho Salmon fishing and retention, and the action has been very good since the last rains. This is a favoured fishery for many of the smaller boats that are unable to travel and fish the offshore waters.
As we near the month of September, which is normally an excellent month for fishing the Tofino area, local anglers anticipate a banner month of fishing for large Chinook and Coho Salmon as well as Halibut and Ling Cod. With the runs a little late, this will only extend the peak season for Tofino fishing.

For more specific info and updates, check on-line at www.tofinofishing.com or call 1-888-534-7422
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