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We have a total of 24 members in the top two categories; MVP and Senior members, which are listed below! In the Junior Member status there are 82 members with posts between 30 & 129 posts! :) Sorry I couldn't put all of you up here as well because everyone's participation in this website is tremendously appreciated! Have a great Christmas everyone!! ;D

MVP Members
ribwart 890
coho_killer 651
fishortho 546

Senior Members
Steelie Trav - 470
GOFISH - 442
Fish Finder - 415
roscoe-pco - 367
abbyfireguy - 296
hotrod - 264
marko - 250
bigjay - 241
Big Green Machine - 235
HOOK - 231
Fishaholic - 229
stone - 227
Chris - 226
professori - 216
Sanderson - 197
schlock - 191
dinsdale piranha - 169
ogobogo - 162
Britguy - 159
Flyfishin Magician - 154
cohokid - 150

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An impressive number of posts by Ribwart. Made all the more impressive by the size of his posts. ;D Rib must have more key strokes per post than just about anyone. Keep it up Rib. Pretty entertaining stuff. ;)

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LoL...I try to stay away from the "nice report, thx" type posts...During the semester I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, so it's easy enough to click over to this page while I'm working, and procrastinate a little...Hopefully at least some of my posts are enjoyed by some of the members...I do think we should set up some kind of category for members once the reach the 1000 post mark though...
Call em "sore fingers" or something... ::) Shouldn't take me more than a day or two to reach 1000 ;)
Merry Christmas everyone... ;D

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This is a good one! So what your saying is Rib is on his way to becomming a Master Baiter? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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Bergler said:
professori said:
I think that at 1000 posts you are officially know as "posting slut" ;) ;) ;)
how about at 1000 posts you are officially know as a "Master Baiter" :)
I'll go with that, as long as you agree to notify me when I reach about 995, so I can change my name and start over ;D ;D ;

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FLMAO thats a good title, shouldn't have posted the idea shoulda just set it up like that to see if anyone picked up on it. I could picture it now, "Geez I gotta be close to 1000 by now" glance at the post count :eek: :eek: :eek: WTF!!!!!!!!!!
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