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I purchased and used this setup on one weekend in 2006 or something like that. It hasn't been used since.

The rod is an 11' Trophy XL Fraser King, which goes for around $160 new.
The reel is a Shimano Moocher Plus 4000GT, which I purchased used but goes for around $160 new as well. It is loaded with high quality braided line, though I cannot remember which brand or test. This is not a typical reel for a bar fishing setup, but it'll do the trick and provides for good action if you are fortunate enough to hook into anything.
I also have a small tackle box with a number of lures to give away with the combo.

All has been stored well and is in great condition. I would be happy with $180 for the setup but will take any reasonable offers. I am located in East Van and have limited delivery capabilities at the moment. Cheers!
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