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They're running anywhere from $250 to $350, maybe a bit more at some places. I've got the "in the white" reel and it's great. Smooth as a peeled egg, well made and if you keep the cork well lubed, you've got a very powerful center pin reel.

I've got the Tyee Trophy XL QR on order and it should be here in a day or two. I've handled them and they're a beauty. Much like the MR3 but unlike the MR3, these reels have the free wheel feature, something that I like a I like to free wheel when I'm jigging for salmon or even to get live bait down there, it's nice. Slightly bigger diameter, faster retreive and like the MR3, they've gone to bigger knobs on the reel. The Trophy XL and the MR2 Islander both have too small a diamter knobs and personally I prefer paddle knobs to round knobs anyway.

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