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Trout Pics 2008- Please share your favorites!

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Hello Folks,

I know Bill usually starts these up but I guess he is to busy chasin' cutts so I figured what the heck.

The season is upon us, lets see your favorite trout or char pics from this year!

Fly or gear, swift or stillwater.....it's all good!

I'll start off with a couple of Kim's many from this weekend:

Now a couple March westslopes from the Yak (some may have seen these in the WA section)

A Sauk River char from this winter (in the WA section as well)

Hopefully more to come! :beerchug:
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gorgeous fish Pat :thumbup: one of these days i will get myself out there for some cutties :confused: I would have pics to contribute but havent been taking any but will be taking lots when i do my first interior trip thats for sure.
March Bow...Hopefully I'll have a few more pics after the weekend... ;)

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Wow ribby! Looks like a hog. Can't wait til I can get out next month!!!
Nice shot RC! :thumbup: Beauty fish!!
You guys are killin' me!...............Arghhhhhhhhh..............I gotta git out there!..........Ortho 8)
Here is one from last weekend! Hope to have more after this weekend, left the wife and dog at home!! ;) !!

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why is the trout's head under water rick? you should have dunked your head and showed the fish off so we wouldnt have to see your mug ;D
Here is one from today, its a little blury, :'( !!

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Thanks Rib, RC and Rick for contributing great looking bows! Just got back from 7 days in the boo so I will add some porn as soon I get it off my camera.

Just missed you I guess Rick we left Forest wednesday.
Just going to throw a few quick pics up for now, hope to write up a full report in the region 5 section when I get all the pics from my buddy and time permits. These are all of GHC, the buddy I went with he is new to lake fishing and has never been to the Boo stillwaters ;D. The lakes I took him to blew his mind 8), you will understand why when you check out his fish!

Stop 1

Stop 2

Stop 3

More to come in some form of report or just here if I do not feel like adding text, Enjoy!
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What a hog in that second pic. :cheers:Increadable
Holy crap :happy: :eek:

Some nice fish Pat

does this count as a trout? Last weekend before it blew..

ok, a couple more recent..

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Nice brown xgm! Is that from Pass?

The browns managed to elude us when we were there, I am still looking for my first.

Bill that is a sweet pic, I like the leach jammed in the corner of that bows yap!
yup a Pass lake baby..the damn logs keep following my fly but won't take..drives you nuts...Was up in the interior a few days this week...WoW...

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Was casting at 'Bows smashing fry this weekend...one of the average fish... :cheers:

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