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T'was a good day!

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I was up kinda late this morning (8ish) and when I got up I was in no hurry to the river, cuz I knew it was like -10 outside, so I had breakfast and a strong cup of coffee, and I made it to my destination around 10:30am. This was my first time out since I got back from my vacation. I went to Costa Rica on Boxing day, and I just returned two days ago. I talked to some friend that I knew were fishing over the past two weeks, and they gave me some good info. So I get to my spot, and I see that the water has droped and has cleared up alot since the last time I fished it. I try a prawn tail, and on my very first drift the float gets pulled down slowly, here I'm thinking it could be a tree branch, I lift the rod tip up, and I feel that resistance, and a good head shake. So I give it that insureance hook set and the battle is on. I know right away that it is a Steely, cuz it jumped twice, after an intense battle for 10 mins, I finally get it close enough to see that it is a hachery cliped fish. BONK! I usually don't keep steelhead, but the g/f has been hounding me for a fish for months. (poor coho season to blame) The steely was a 10lbs fresh Buck. It was a short day, but a good one. You gotta be good, to be lucky! ;D ;D ;D
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Nice work SN...now that's coming back in style... ;)
I got pic's on my camera phone, so I'll send them to my boss, and he can email them back. I'll try and get them on here tomorrow night.
Prawn Tail eh? This the pro cured variety a lot of people are using these days, or the uncured safeway variety? I guess this goes a long way towards the g/f letting you go on more fishing trips... ;) ;D
she wish's she could of been there too. She loves to fish, she just doesn't have any time to, cuz she's working everyday now for the rest of the month. I'll get her out in the spring, when the weather is alot better, and the fish are far more aggresive. ;)
right on!! Fishing is about relaxing its suppose to be an escape from the every day routine Ifind Ido better if I dont pressure myself Enjoy your fish
I saw you hit that fish today!! :eek: Good job dude! you looked like a pro!! Seen 1 other caught today aswell on a prawn in 1 foot of water at bells acres!! nice 14lbs doe!! I came up short handed, i didn't even have a take down!! :'(

Hey SN.....Good on ya..........Those successful short days on the river are very sweet, especially when the weather is cold!.....Right gear, right place right time.......BONK!!
C ya out there...............Ortho 8)
nice,sounds like you spent more time in driving than fishing don't you hate that
I came up short handed, i didn't even have a take down!!
Well that's a first for you Steelie 99. No "super size" today? Anyhoo I wanted to thank you for your help on the Thompson this year. Your advice is most appreciated.

Oh yeah, SN -good for you!

I'm going to fish there on Jan. 25 and 26 all day both days so I would like to hook up with someone who knows the river (if that is possible now with the recent changes) and wouldn't mind helping out a fellow forum member or having me tag along. Please pm me if possible.
Great Job SN!! :) I was out yesterday as well. Mind you all I saw was my float rocket under and up river, upon hookset nothing. Felt like a real good take though, went over that spot about 20 more times with a Pro-cured Prawntail to no avail. Still no love for me this year. Nice to see some more fish coming out the last couple days though. Now all I have to do is get ove this nasty cold so I can head out again. ;)
No prob's BG machine!! Iam glad to hear someone has used my information to guide them along in the experience of landing a Thompson Steelie!!

I know weird to not catch a fish or even have a bit today but i guess even the best of us get shutout here and there :-[ .

Iam heading out in the morning with spacecadet and i am hoping to help him land is first steelie and have him hooked aswell. See ya on the flow!! ;D

Hey, don't worry Big Steel, you'll get him next time, cuz the next time you won't be sleeping at the wheel. Don't let that one discurage you, next time your out, I know you'll wipe that day off the map. Tight lines!

So I got to work this morning, to see that nobody made it into work. I waited around for about 30 mins and still nobody. I forgot my cell at home, so I couldn't call around... Oh well... I'm goin' fishin' then. I made it to my spot where I got my hatch on sunday, and the water looked purffffffff. 5 minutes of fishing this hole, my float takes a slow take down. I strike!....and miss :eek: I quickly reeled in to see that my prawn tail was nearly shreaded. I quickly casted out that same drift, and he pulled it down slow again. This time I get a good hook set, and faught a crome 12lbs wild buck for 15 mins. I snap a quick camera phone pic of it in the water, cuz I knew it was wild, and I didn't want to pull it out of the water. I pulled the hook out of his upper lip, revived him, admired him, and he thanked me with a big tail wipe, and he soaked me good. Solute... I went for a walk and fished a few other spots to none avail.

Helpfull hint: Today while I was fishing, I noticed right away all of the snow melting. It was falling off the trees surrounding the river, and it was making huges splash's on top of the water. Now I knew that the steelies weren't havin' any of that. I clued in to that right away, so I didn't bother fishing the spots I usually fish like undercut banks, or spots with lots of cover. So I went to a big open area with a pool, and I casted short, and short floated. It payed off big today. I hope this helps...
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Good points steelynightmare, I guess the first sign was the fact that nobody
was at the shop to open up. Putting in time and punching that clock is truely the ticket
..... but this is a labour of love... :-*
Headm up..Movem out...It's almost Prime Time...Marko... :D
Great job again SN. Sounds like you are dialed in. I am hoping to get out again this weekend, have to lose this cold and see how my thumb is. I think I frostbite it a bit on Sunday, was a stupid move, but I was in a bit of a zone, albeit a fishless one, and I didn't really want to stop to warm up. ::) I'll figure something out though, and I will hit it again soon. Again great job, and man, I wish I could get a day when no one showed up for work, I would do exactly the same thing. ;D
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