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Ucluelet and Bamfield reports

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Were has everyone been catching the fish?Ucluelet and Bamfield Sept 14 -17 which is better
Has anyone been flyfishing for COHO around Tofino, Bamfield or Ucluelet ?
Are their any Halibut spots in close this time of year? Or do we have to go way out. We would like to pick up one each and a couple of large springs
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Was in Uculet for the long weekend.....and it was AWESOME!!!!

Caught many Halibut, Ling Cod, Salmon & a huge yelloweye rockfish..........not to mention alot of dogfish & mackeral.

Lots of feeder springs, and aggressive coho right at the surface.

Was my 1st time ocean fishing.............Im hooked!!!!

We caught so many fish OBMG had to charter another plane just for the fish.
Were where you catching the fish do you no the name of the area or how far out
im not exactly sure, but i think it was called Big Bank........it was about 10 miles straight out from Ucluelet.
The only place i have heard of any coho being caught is out at big bank.Apparently they are about 15 pounds and plentiful.Also feeder chinooks to 16 pounds and halibut being picked up trolling out at the gully.Swale rock and Kirby point probably best chance for large chinooks--Todd

Was there last week for four days and did well for all species. Best bets the wreck for hali and lings and then off to big bank for the large Coho and small Springs. We had no luck and saw only a few fish at Swale Rock and Pill Point the only day we fished inside. We need to get better at targeting the Hali locals seemed to do much better than us. Oh well there is always next year. Thanks to all for this board and help with our trip.

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