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The last couple weeks have been quite consistent on Big Bank and that is the only spot with consistency. We are having to work for our Chinook a bit more than normal. Halibut fishing has been mostly good here—I say mostly good as there were a couple of slow halibut days but things have picked up again. Black cod moved in on Big Bank for a bit and that always makes things more challenging. The good news is that you can still get a good load of fish there. Coho are extremely plentiful. You have to move sometimes because there are so many Coho.


Our inshore fishing should significantly pick up with in a couple days as the expected 80,000 Chinook start coming back to Barclay Sound. There should be a lot of bent rods in close to shore over the next month.

If you check out our IG or Facebook we often post photos and video there in stories and posts.

Tight lines,

Sam Vandervalk
Salmon Eye Fishing Charters
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