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Two of us got back Thursday from Uke. My boat, 18' Seahawk, 4 days fishing. Good trip, it would have been a great trip but 3 of the 4 days we fished we had the misfortune of running into a 4 day commercial troll fishery. There were 10-12 trollers hitting South Bank pretty hard which put a dent in the chinooks. There were tons of wild silvers out there. 6-10 miles offshore, at South Bank. Some nice hooknose silvers 10-12 pounds. We prob caught 10-15 each day and we were not targeting silvers. Obviously, all had to be released. Final score was 6 chinooks 12-20, not big ones and 3 legal hatchery silvers. Also possesion limit of halibut, all small 12-20, horse herring. We found a Hallie honey hole on South Bank.

We were not targeting silvers, we used big tomic plugs 100-150 feet on the DR, 160 foot of water. The silvers hit the heck out of the big tomics even down below 100 feet. Folks that say silvers wont hit big plugs are nuts, they hit the heck out of them.

But it was nice, flat ocean, no wind, 1 day low clouds, 1 day bright sun and 2 days fog. Glad I had good way points. It was fun, the day we had sun, 10 miles offshore, wonderful visiblity, mountains with snow on top, it was neat. The Chinook fishing was limits everyday before the trollers started in. I'm sure since the trollers are done now that the chinook fishing will be hot again. Last day I heard a report that Long Beach Bank was the hot spot.

I wouldnt mind going again if I can find a buddy. What the heck, I'm retired. I would recommend Uke to anyone, nice folks, both on shore and on the water, obviously better if the ocean cooperates, which it did. I just wish I would've timed it to miss the troll fishery.

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Fishing has been in a word HOT of late! :beerchug:
Finally have a single day off, then back at it tomorrow for quite the spell.
Hali's hungry and thick in the rights spots on the Big Bank, with easy limits to hand in quick but exciting morning fisheries.
Springs not too far off the beach, Biggies starting to show in good numbers, and damn hungry! Yesterday my crew landed 25 (9 straight double headers to start the show!! Sweet!) in just shy of an hour and a half!! Doesn't get much faster or more FUN! :thumbup:

Thinking of a run out our way, NOW is a great time, and only getting better each passing day! Ghawd, you GOTTA love the Real West Coast!!

Hope to see a few of ya'll out enjoying!!

Nog - Back to slaying at first light...
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