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Ucluelet reports?

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We're towing my boat to Uke next Saturday for the week. Staying and moored at Island West. I've towed my boat there probably 9-10 times and we are familiar with the area.

Just wondering if anyone has any recent fishing reports, spots, gear and anything else of value.

Thank you in advance,

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B cheaper to tie up @ the guvy dock & less than 1/8 the cost and only 1 block away just my :2cents:
My guide buddy's says fishing is better than last year, slow start but startin 2 make up 4 it
best of luck my boats there 4 a month & 1/2 :beerchug:
I stay at the Island West motel which is right next to where the guv dock is. I thought about using the guv dock but it is always full of mostly commercial boats when I've been there.
... I thought about using the guv dock but it is always full of mostly commercial boats when I've been there...
It won't be come Saturday. Area G Troll has a plug only fishery commencing the 2nd, running for a few days likely to achieve the 10,000 piece quota. So, the majority of the trollers will be gone offshore. Should leave loads of room for the week.

Fishing of late has been pretty good, barring yesterday that is. Since heading over last Friday, we limited on all we targetted on daily (except yesterday). Up to 40 or so springs hooked Saturday and Sunday am's. Think inside south ;)
Yesterday was bloody choppy, and the South East gradient definitely put them off the bite. As I saw several of the other guide boats in early today, and chatted up a few of them, the bite was indeed back on this morning.
Flatties are hungry out on the farther Banks, and a few Biggies have come to hand lately.

Methinks you'll find some good fishing alright. I'll be out with the fleet (aYup, changing hats again) so likely not about when you are. But, I do hope you have a most excellent visit, and the FishGoddess treats you to some silver smiles!! :beerchug:

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Thank you for the info. I only have a 19 foot boat, North River Seahawk, so La Peruse is a little out of my reach. I'm conservative and 25 miles with a 19 foot boat is a stretch for me. I stick with South Bank usually and usually do good on the Springs. We get fish inside the Sound if the ocean is too nasty. Are there any flatties at South Bank?

I always enjoy Uke, the folks are real nice. I've fished with the guideboats several times but decided to bring my own boat this time. I fished with Simeon 3-4 times, you prob know him.
Hey Bar,

Keep us posted I have decided to take a quick trip out to the Port Alberni Canal (bamfield) in August , eventhough I said I was going to give it up, I just can't .... Sorry :wallbash:

But Please let us know how you do

I am hoping the Chinook & Coho start heading up the Canal 3rd week in Aug, bit early but with this rain maybe I will get lucky

Good luck , be safe and tight lines !

Cape R
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