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UK to BC trip!

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Am coming from UK at begining of July for two weeks for flyfishing. Came last year and it was awesum. Would like to find someone to fish with, either to share a drift boat or vehicle or both.
Am arriving in Prince George on 3rd July and leaving on 16th July.


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Hey that name's been taken!!! :D Are you in the sign trade and are you posting from the UK ?Cheers M A R K O :roll: :D
Are you going to be sticking around the Prince George area, NeonMarco? Or are you going to be travelling around the Interior fishing?
BC trip from UK

First the MARKO question, yes my name is marco and am posting from UK and not in the sign trade. Where are you based?

Second question STONE, I prefer (100%) to fish for salmon or steelhead so will go where they are. Last year was near Terrace. Where are you? or where would you go?
Unfortunately, I haven't fished that part of the province often enough to recommend great spots, Marco. Maybe Sheldon at Northern Troutfitters in PG can better steer you in the right direction.
Marko...If you were able to change your travel dates till the first of August or so, I think you would be much happier fishing the Sockeye Salmon as well as the Chinook...Cilliwack is as good as it gets...Regarding PG, I am of no help
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Hey , lay off the S.S. shhhh!!!! :D Marko
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