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upcoming week in the valley

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Get out there and fish this weekend guys, because it looks like conditions are going to go downhill. Just read the long range forecast for the upcoming week, which suggests that beginning Tuesday, an arctic high will invade the area. If you think it was windy this week, look out for winds from the northeast to 60 km/h, and high temps. below freezing, yes, below freezing. River levels will plummet, with crystal clear water conditions. Let's hope they're wrong.
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Thank god.Maybe I'll have the webs between my toes freeze off that grew from all the rain we just had.Thanks for tyhe heads up ogobogo much appreciated.We need a good quality freeze around here.

Yeah, forecast doesn't look good as far as water levels are concerned.... time to get out our 6 lb leader, and trim down the presentation a bit.....I'm headed out for the entire week, gonna stay in the motorhome.....My Dad retired the year before last, and now that he has the time, and considering he got me started on fishing so many years ago, I think it's my turn to return the favor... I'd really like to get him into a fish ( he's never caught a steely), but I'm concerned that the conditions will be too tough for that to happen, he's getting on in years, so hiking/ crossing the flow is not really an option...I think it's going to be work to get into those fish this week....I haven't fished low, clear and cold conditions for a while guys, can you all refresh my memory as to how the steelies behavior changes when this happens? If I recall, they'll take to cover, if no cover they'll hide in riffles and current seams more than usual depending on light intensity, deeper pools....but it can be intimidating sometimes trying to find them on the low clear flow....
A refresher course from you guys would be, well, 'refreshing'.... :lol:
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Ah yes. The famous stealth fisher. Success guaranteed! He's the fisher who catches his quarry under these ideal conditions....prolonged cold spell, no precip. low water levels...perfect! Hit a nice piece of holding water (deep canyon pools are preferred, with visibility unlimited) and scout a pool at night with a powerful light to see where the fish lie and then return in the morning with the long leader tactics, ..Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks and watch how skilled these stealth fishers are. Nobody will touch a fish for days, but they will always have a spot to go to. With the number of fish throughout the system, they should have a field day.........Observe/Record/Report.............Ortho
stealth fisher, sweet im am :twisted: stealth fisher :twisted:( with exception to the spot light part) " no fish, lets move" . untill orthos post i was wondering, whats wrong with low water? i have been having a lame year. i thrive on finding the steelhead shelter boulders in rappids in the gin clear. with the last few years i havent had too much pactice on the high waters situations.
bring it on 8)
Hey Ogo,
Yeah I heard the same forcast. I was just on the weather network and they were predicting -12 for a low for next Sat. :shock: :shock: It still a week away and I know their forcasts change daily, but DANG I hope thier wrong. Nothing like flicking the ice off the eyes with a good northernly blowing up your backside. :D
Crazy D
I guess that's where casting in a 60 km/h wind with your fingers pretty much frozen comes into play. The best result will hopefull be a thinning of the crowds. I'll see you all out on the river on Wednesday!
Low and clear water conditions are my FAVORITE!
northeast wind should kick up hard, on Thursday morning. look for high temps. falling through the day, windchills to minus 20! we really will find the true hardcore. watch the ice on your line.glad I fished on Monday, headed out on the chuck tomorrow, takin' the sunscreen, and the J.D. Will post tomorrow.
Did somebody say J.D. :D !!?!?!?!?
I like the convenient 200 ml size that you see up by the checkout. fits nice in the jacket pocket. Good thing I wont need any pre tied leaders on the chuck!!!
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