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Marko and I got an early start got to the upper chilliwack back to old faithfull the slab befor first light! We picked our rocks and waited for sun up. Sipping on my timmies coffee to keep warm oh did I mention it was freakin COLD this morrning! Marko starts casting into a nice piece of pocket water and wham spring on. As I'm sitting on my rock watching mark play his fish sipping my coffe he plays it right to my feet and I get the honor of unhooking it! Now I have frozen hands. Open my pack of butts and sure enough plop. In the water they go! Marko takes a few more casts and anouther fish on. Plays it fairly quick and guess who gets to land it? Yep me! Get the fish to shore and we have our first hatch coho doe! I cast about 1000 casts and managed only 3 hook ups and one of those was a coho but with a flick of his tail was gone! After first light things got quiet lots of chum hooked around us as well as springs! After a few hrs of nothing it was time to move! Checked out borden cr as always and just as dead just seen one coho that was foul hooked and kept. Unreal. We desided to fish the backside of the slab so we drove there and hiked down! Nice hike. On the way we spoke with 3 fisher dudes that had some coho and also told us that 2 bears had been shot in the area apparently one of the bears took a swipe at a fisherman and slashed his back pack! We fished the north side of the slab for 2 hrs and only managed chum and spring! Got quiet again and marko had a soccer game to coach later in the day so off we went! Great day on the vedder! Can't beleave the lack of coho this year for myself and marko. I hope the big run is still comming! CK
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