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looking for some V-Boat..or float tube...

key things I am looking for are:
Urethane Air Bladder
seat is above the water
comfortable for using fins
Has option of installing Oars
Can have an anchor
suitable for stillwaters

suggestions are appreciated.


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if your looking to have oars i think you will have to bump up into a pontoon boat.but a Vboat would be the best bet for the rest of what your looking for. My dad has a Vboat but doesnt use it since we got pontoons ;D however he used it with flippers (obviously) and had an anchor because we like to anchor in lakes and fish. sometimes we had to bump up to a 10lb anchor (usually)

hope that helps.

if you find a small boat like a vboat that can handle oars i think you should post it up cause i havent seen one yet :cheers:
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