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Hey guys. Only my 2nd post so take it easy on me, lol.

We've recently moved to the Comox/Courtenay area from Victoria and I'm looking at getting my kids into fishing, like I did as a kid growing up on the Trent River in Ontario.

Just curious as to what the opinions are of those who've fished Maple & Spider lakes (and if there are other lakes nearby where we can shorefish). I've got a good spinning rod/reel combo, but the kids are working with Walmart specials (which are surprisingly good). All my (our) gear is centered around bass & walleye, but that's not necessarily what we're going after. They would be happy to just catch fish, regardless of what it is. We fished the Family Weekend at the local F&G club and they each latched onto a few rainbows. Since then, they keep asking me to go fishing.

Where should we go and what should we rig with?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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