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so my day started when off pretty early with my friend who has been fishing with me for a couple of trips but have yet to land his first salmon or even get his first bite. i told him we were going to go hike a bit and search around for some nice spot. i am glad i did a bit of a hike cause its so GOD DAMN cold. So we both got pretty warmed up after hiking around, when the first light was out. we came across this decent spot or so i thought....turned out it wasn't what i was looking for. so we walked up a bit and found more nice spots and people started to show up, i let my friend fish a bit and told him how to get things going properly and avoid the damn snagfest that was going on EVERYWHERE! i swear to god i saw about 2 or 3 people all day short floating with short leaders. eventually i threw a couple of cast myself but only to have trouts jack my roe haha. after helping my friend free out his line when he snagged it reeling it in, I TOTALLY forgot my cellphone was still in my jacket and it got dipped in the water and i didn't even notice this til 3 hours later when we decided to check out other spots up the river. i did what i could, left it in my buddies car and have it dry out as much as it can. Turns out the cellphone actually booted up but i keep getting invalid battery which is fine by me, didn't know motorola were good in the water LOL. Enough about my cellphone issue, reminder to myself to zip lock that crap next time. Anyways me and my bud decided to fish this pool we found, couple of guys we're there doing what they do best especially these two kids. holy smokes...fish on every 3 mins (all chum).....i asked the kid why is he purposely snagging them. he doesn't say much at all and i told him about how your never going to hook them in the mouth that way. After probably 50 chums, he claimed he hooked 25 already when i got there. there was no luck trying to get these kids to fish properly. so it was basically a snagfest there to but i kindly asked if i could fish below them and they allowed me to. so i rigged up my lines with my bud and threw a couple and nothing on roe. seems like most fish were lock jawed. so i switched up to wool and was into a nice size chum. this was my first big fish on center pin, man oh man that was an intense experience. i made a mistake by turning the fish early in the fight when it was going far up the river thrashing and jumping everywhere and it decided to just BOLT down the river like a bullet. i just heard my cp screeching while spooling lines out like nuts. i was adding tension to it and the moment i try to turn the fish back by lowering the rod and gave it a slow pull back, bam it was fish off, snapped my leader. Eventually i was into couple of chums and one spring and my friend having a blast getting his first salmon (chum) too. I only C&R chum unless i got a doe which i didn't get any. So thats how it went, no ho's at that spot we fished but i've seen couple moving around when i checked out other spots.

good times but IT IS COLD! :happy:
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