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Vedder chum... taste great or less filling?

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I've noticed this year that a lot more people are keeping chum and yesterday my curiosity got the better of me. I asked a couple guys that were not fishing together if they were going to actually eat the dogs they caught and both of them said yes. In fact one of them was estatic about smoking his fish up and eating it.

So is there anyone else out there that really enjoys chum out of the Vedder? And if so what recipe have you used.

Each year I say that I would take a couple females for the roe and cure the meat for dog treats, but I never follow through. I just can't bring myself to do it.
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i wouldent touch the old beat up ones but i have in the past put a couple silver ones in the smoker and tasted great still had sea lice on them
Maybe one good way of looking at those who take the old boots and chums out of the river for their own use is.....it's makes room for the coho to make it up to where I'm going to be fishing!!
Nothing wrong with a clean, fresh chum on the barbie or in the smoker. Fill the body cavity with fresh dill, sliced onion and garlic and broil. Hell, people eat carp, catfish, jackfish to name a few and none of them is as good as a fresh chum. I have eaten many lake trout (char) when I lived on Babine Lake and I find chum to be very comparable in taste and texture. If the fish is heavily coloured and moldy, it is suitable for fertilizer. If you want to smoke and eat fertilizer, fill your boots.
I used to keep the odd one for the smoker from time to time...Provided they still were fairly solid, and on the cleaner side..However it's been quite some time since I've done so. They've always turned out nice...Less oily than the other salmon. One reason for the increased retention on chum salmon this year could be increased difficulty on hooking up coho in these less than ideal conditions. Here's a typical chum from my day yesterday on the super low Harrison. This one was sent back.. :oops: :oops:

Finder :wink:
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the best salmon to smoke......clean of course
ya... they are hard to find but you can get some of those amazingly clean, chrome silver female chums that guys think is a coho when you're bringing it in and they are awesome to smoke.
This is the cleanest chum I have ever seen in a river, caught by my girlfriend about 3 years ago...had to crop the picture though. She was not happy with the way she looked and would kill me if I posted the hole thing :wink:

That would be a keeper, anything darker should go back!
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Where it comes to Chum: if you want a good product when you bring it out of the smoker, look at the underside of the belly. Then repeat this phase white is right, gray is okay, if it's black throw it back.
I've pulled some females out of Stave before that are so clean people confuse them with coho because they are still so chrome silver... not many but some. I'm going to make sure to keep the camera close by in case some turn up this year!
Hmmmm....I only know one river that the chum come to the beach that clean.... 8)
If you're looking for clean chum, hit the Squish. Haven't been up there yet but am thinking of going next weekend. Or, even lower tidal Fraser. Closer to the mouth of the Fraser, the cleaner looking the fish.
Yes that was from the squish. Its still early but some fish are moving in. Seems like the chum are doing quite well this year. In another couple of weeks it should be spectacular.

I am really getting into the photography thing. My digital camera is water resistant and I am bringing it along all the time now. Pictures of live fish look better than dead ones. Here is a pic of my friend's coho on the cheak:

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Just returned from B.C., brought home a few very clean Chum females (selected say 6 fish) out of all we caught, many. Had some smoked chum from friends on the river and brought home their recipes. Look forward to puting on the Big Chief. Samples we have had in B. C. of fresh chum have been very good.

And one more, someone above mentioned eating even catfish. Don't know about catfish in Canada, do know about catfish down south. Get them from fresh running rivers, I like 2 to 6 Ft. deep water running good with current, filet and deep fry and they are outstanding. Thanks. Salt.
Chum tastes like surrey girls coho,soceye,red spring only
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