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had the afternoon off so called Reaction F/T in the morning and was told they have heard of 8 to 10 springs nailed so far so decided to head up

started off behind the vedder river campground.....vis about 18 inches at best....fairly strong flow but some nice water to fish

then proceded to the runs along the rock quarry but way to much flow to fish....vis was getting worse

stopped at tamahi to have a look.....low vis and lots of water

went up to the top where they launch the rafts.....vis great but too much water

came back down a ways.....hiked in to a great run/deep water/great vis

then back down to the muddy area above bordon creek....good vis above....very poor below

water seems to have come up a bit with all this heat

oh ya......no fish.......nice hot afternoon though

hope this helps........very accurate

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water's still very High.
Mostly fished lower river around lickman road, & I saw a guy caught a sock.
The fish was fighting crazy and jumping around 8 times while the fighting. :happy:
Finally, he genlty let it go in the water. :thumbup:

It was good to be out today!! :thumbup:

bravo~ :cheers: :beerchug: :drunk:
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