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today being FEB 12th

my dad and i set out onto the river this morning with my little sisters from Fort St. James. We started at the same spot as yesterday ( THING GOING ON) and i mean that seriously :cry: so we were leaving and ran into Fish Finder (awesome awesome guy) we talked with him for a bit and decided to spend the rest of the day fishing with him trading spots we like and of course fishing stories. so anyhow he takes us to a stretch of river we have never fished before (duh to us) and im fishing this water

and i actually caught this from the other side and had to bring it in through all that water. Lets just say WHAT A SCRAPPER!

all in all i had a great time and hope to fish with finder and hopefully more members sooner than later

see you all on the water


P.S. we should have another fishout soon :D :D

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That's a nice little stretch of water there hook, surprised all you took from there was the elusive "bc rockfish", hhahahhah.... no fish all day though? did you stick primarily to the spot you were in and upstream, or down? Just looking for updates, I'll be out all week (reading break=need to fish!!!) So i'll be motorhoming it out at thurston tues. - sat, want to get a feel for water levels, # fish in the upper sections, etc.....
anyway, thx for the post,
rib :D

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Thanks fellas.. right back at ya.. :wink: Good company always makes a trip, regardless of the end results. :D Thanks Hook and W.Master for sharing your day with me. I had a great time, so lets do it again... :) Outside of that scrappy rock fish, I must admit I was a little suprised that we couldn't tempt any takers through out the afternoon,..but that's why they call it fishing. 8) ...

After parting ways with Hook and W.Master I decided to head up river where I briefly worked through a few stretches of water but came up empty handed. From there I headed back down stream and worked one last run before calling it a day...Hey Magician..only a few months away till ice off :!: :mrgreen:

Finder :wink:
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