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vedder feb 23th

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Hit the Ved today at around 7am
tried down from On The Way
nothing doing water visability was about 6" to a foot at best
moved up to above Alison pool nothing there water was a bit clearer
decided to try at the top of the river where there was about 6 guys spread about
water clarity there was a lot better

one guy on the other side lost on in the fast water

Then one guy down from me hooked one and headed down river after it
not sure if he landed it as he never came back

then i had a good drift going and down went my float
fish on
a couple of head shakes then splash out of the water it came
two big rolls and snap went my leader
it was a big looking chromer
not sure if i could have landed it as it was heading down river and there were a few guys below me

then the guy lower down hooked one after a couple of head shakes down river it went and he follwed
he came back and said he landed it and it was about 15lb wild

not to bad a day out but it did snow a little and it was cold
water clarity there was a lot better
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The 23th hasn't come yet! ;D

Thanks For the Report

Mike <"))))))))><
Yea when I went to school it would have been the 23rd not 23th but hey that was a long time ago so what would I know.
Good to hear you're getting into some fish Britguy... 8)

Soon you'll be doing the same on the fly rod I imagine... ;)
got to the river about 1:30 this afternoon.......fished the allison pool area......released a small but scrappy 7 lb wild doe.....did not see anything else......water conditions much improved from the weekend
Hey coho,

What was the vis around the Allison pools area 3' ?
berean_man7 said:
Yea when I went to school it would have been the 23rd not 23th but hey that was a long time ago so what would I know.
His fingers have a lisp lol ;D
Arrived above Allison before 07:00 and immediatly hooked a nice fish, who stuck around for ten minutes to tease me, then departed stage left. Never saw another, or spoke to anyone who saw one, for the remainder of the day. Wonderfull day though. . .
visability was 2 to 3 feet........should be very nice tomorrow
i was out today until noon visibility around crossing bridge is 1.5 -2 feet and close to 5 feet around allison

didnt touch any fish or see or hear of anyone else hitting any either

hope saturday pays better

tight lines

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