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I am going to hit the river tomorrow am. I heard that due to the low clear water conditions your hook presentation should be small. For example size 4 hooks. Has this changed since the rain this week? Should I move it up to a size 2?

What the best wool color? Any coho's around?

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If I were fishing there this weekend, I'd bring a shopping cart and a 308.

It's gonna be GANGSTA!

Small is good but you'll have to be careful round the big boys ! No. 2 hook is alright but start with roe or spinners then
wool. Small patterns of pail peach w/ a dash of red. A little sent couldn't hurt either.
And ya there's ho's, you just have to find them.
river is way up boys, u can put a bit bigger presentation, #1 or 2 hooks, with roe, wool! Or u can just toss, blades and spoons! Fish the slack water, current seames, or deep holes! Hope there are some fresh coho in the river! Hopefully i'll be there tomorrow! Good luck! :D
Stkstroker....water levels will be up quite a bit now...I wouldn't worry too much about the size of presentation...just pick something that is "hardy"...as in is easy to fish with and you don't have to change up too much...

Like marko suggested...spinner, wool, etc...I think hook size 2 would be just fine right now...roe bags would work nicely too, you could of course throw big gobs of roe on there and it would definitely work, but I always find that tiring...so when I want ot use roe I use the pre tied little mesh wrapped jobbies...they're clean and low maintenance...as far as colors of wool? Well I would try a bunch of different colors...sometimes one color works a lot better than others, not always, but sometimes...I'm not sure why, maybe water color, light level, who knows, what's important is change it up, try orange, then pink , then peach, then red, even try white or black...usually any of these will work equally well at any given time...
The rain will make fishing a bit easier...should be good numbers of fish spread out...
Should be decent fishing right now,
good luck,
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