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Well i decided to hit the Ved today
got there arround 8am
It was a bit over cast but not cold
I started off mid river and was pleased to find no one at the spot i had in mind
Well tried all i had to ne avail
water looked so good
Moved up river a bit and after a hike in to this spot i was supprised to se it was just to high and fast still
So i walked to another spot but had no luck there
I went down river to another normally good spot
ha no one there either
tried all i had again but nothing except small trout like the one in the pic that hit my hook just as i was reeling in at the end of the run

note where i hooked him :-\
I then went back up river and hiked into a nice run
nothing not even a nibble
I could see up river a bit that there were a couple of guys fishing a run so i decide to hike up there and check it out
I watched for a while and one guy decided to leave so i moved in at the far end of the run
Then one of the other guys said move on up here there are a few fish here and your roe should be good as the guy that left had hit a few on roe
well i did not nedd asking twice so up i moved
There was a lady fisherperson up top and she hooked into a nice spring(bit dark for me)
she landed it cleaned it and off she went
Ah ha more room for me and the other guy
well the other guy gets into a spring(silver) but loses it
then he hits another fish and as he gets it closer he realises its a sockeye so i unhooked it for him and back it went
He then decides to leave
So just me now and down goes my float fish on
Now my drag was a bit slack(forgot to check it)so off he goes down river :naughty:
I try to adjust my drag and in doing so my thumb goes on the line and ouch line burn :wallbash:
I eventually get it to the shallows and get the hook out but i cannot reach my camera :wallbash:
so i just let him go(quite dark)
I then get joined by another fisherman
he hooks a nice spring but looses it soon after
then the rain started so i left
here are some shots from along the river today


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never used braided line
don't see the point if you use good line with a small enough leader
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