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I started bit late after 12pm from Boundary hole.

Visibility was almost perfect in the upper river, but no luck for an hour. :-[

I went couple km down to a spot that I always wanted to try but never before, and started over again.

Visibility was worse than Boundary hole, and current was pretty fast. :p

However, I start cast my DIY spinner for 20 minutes.

Then, suddenly my float went down so hard, and I made hook set without any thinking. Bam!!!

WoW!! :happy: It's was a fish!!!!!!!

My first ever Steely!!!

It was so quick!! 4 minutes fighting, 30 seconds tailing, 10 seconds taking picture, 1 second releasing.

Wasn't even 5 minutes from the start to the end.

Nice chrome doe on the last day of the license. :thumbup:

Good reward for last 4 month empty handed. ;D

Couple more hours fishing down to the mid river and no luck.

Not really fishable below Allison pool.

I decide finish my day in tamahi pool, and I was just happy with my first fish!!

Bravo~!! & Cheers~!! :cheers:

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