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Me and a buddy hit the river about 7:30am this morning with the intent of finding some good spots for steelhead and next year's fishing season. First spot we hit looked like a nice piece of water and it produced 2 nice sized chum, one about 17lbs and the other about 14-15lbs. We moved up river in search of more nice water and found another spot with a nice seam in the center. My buddy hooked up a chum but lost it shortly after. We then drove up a little ways and I hooked another nice size chum in decent shape. Last stop was allison pool area. Saw a few people fishing up there but nobody had seen or caught anything. We explored a bit and then headed in to town for lunch and called it a day. Overall it was a fun day and we found a lot of great spots in the process. Get out there and explore guys, there's some nice water water to be found. Unfortunately we both forgot our cameras or else I'd have "hero shots" for you guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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