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vedder nov 7th

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hit the flow on wednsday and had a hell of a time hooking coho after coho! not gonna say where on the river but i took 2 sets of pic's one was with a disposable camera where i took pic's of the fish on the beach(not developed yet) and the ones i took when i got home! I managed to find anouther pool with coho in it from top to bottom just stacked! Mostley wild but i did get my limit but in the pic theres only 3 because while we were at the hatchery i had to get a jump start from one of marko's friends i beleave he's a neighbour of his so for his trouble i gave him a coho! 2/3 of the coho were chrome bullets and with a little walking around just like the weekend i found this hole! The water was clear and this pool was black with coho everywhere! Again i can't beleave my luck in the past few trips! heres a shot of my 3 ho's in the back here the other pic's i'll put up when they get developed!

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Wow! Nicely done... I need to get over my vedder fears as it looks like the place to fish...

:thumbup: :thumbup:
Nice job CK, I'll be there on the weekend! Thanks for the report.
CK I must say I am envious. What a seasonyou are having!! :thumbup: One of these days I will hopefully see you on the flow so you can point me in the right direction.
ya right he wont even share with his friends :'(
If i gave the exact spot to all of you there will be none left for me when i go back! ;D Season is far frm over! Get out there coho's are waiting for all of you! :thumbup:

how bout we go fishing then you can take us there instead of telling us LOL then your "showing" not telling and your also there to fish ;D ;D ;D
I'm cool with that! :beerchug:

great day on the vedder today.....beached 4, released two of them.....lost 6 more......some great air time from these fish....still clean fresh fish......released one that had a bit of color
awesome i want to go in the morrning! we'll see how the weather plays out if not i'm there sunday for sure! maybe even monday we'll see! anyone else heading up this weekend? Maybe wanna hook up at a spot or two?

alright CK when you wanna leave either sunday or monday morning? sunday i will most likely have a newbie with me is that cool he needs to learn the right ways of the river ;D LOL give me a call buddy
ok HOOK but be ready to get your limit of coho! :thumbup:

oh im fine with bringing a couple home ;D LOL g/f doesnt want me to bring to many ;D any good fly water where we might be heading or should i just bring my roe and CP ;D give me a call tomorrow and let me know when you wanna leave to hit the water. hopefully im not out at the wedding till 3am :beerchug:
I'm gonna head back up first light to see if i can get into any more befor our trip HOOK! I'll report back tomorrow afternoon!

try to give me a shout before 4pm when i head to the Wedding

talk to ya later buddy

leave some out there for me eh :cheers:
All i was using was roe! Cured white spring roe! Had things to do today so the ho's will have to wait for me till tomorrow!


did you have time to try the spot i told you about below vedder campground.

Hunterj i never got a chance but if i do deside to head up in the morrning i have your directions in pm and i will for sure give er a go! Thanks for the info!

pm me too i want directions :eek:
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