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Vedder Oct 18

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Me and my friend fished upper river, river was high and coloured a little bit, lot's of half-dead fish swimming around. I remember last year all that dying fish was in November, and mid October was very fishable. I guess the run change timing plus minus one month depending on weather conditions. Does this mean that there are not lots of fish to catch anymore? Most of them a ugly now with few cases of nice looking fish here and there, but you can see by reports here, almost no nice fish anymore reported.
On an opposite side, my friend landed chrome coho ....


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there should be lots of fresh fish still coming you just have to fish down lower of course. should be mostly coho and chum in the bottom end though as it seems like the springs have slowed down alot. Nice fish your buddy got :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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