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Hit the flow today due to a fishing report I received from a friend on voice mail yesterday. He mentioned our secret spot was producing fish like crazy and he had hooked up and maxed out on his Coho within 40 minutes of putting his line in. Yesterday, another friend of mine from Seattle wanted me to show him how to catch Springs so I didn't have a chance to go Coho fishing, but I was able to show him where and how to hook up some Springs. Unfortunately, for my Seattle friends they had their tires slashed by some Chilliwack locals at their hotel. I noticed four cars in front of the hotel had flat tires when I went to pick him up that morning. It turned out that 30 other vehicles had their tires slashed when we talked to the guys at "Big O Tire" and the tow truck driver. We had to deal with this for half the day yesterday so our fishing adventure was drastically hindered. The tow truck driver did boast about a 72 lber he and his brother landed on the Vedder last week, amazing ... kind of helps the out of towners to come back I guess. Sort of made my 50 lber on the 13th sound small! ;)

I figured today is my Coho day! So I fished at mid to upper river at a nice piece of water that you have to hike to. I went there at first light with a buddy as we planned to leave by noon. We used a 3 foot float with very slow retrieve and brass colorado spinners. These home made lures sure made the difference today.

There were fish rising everywhere, as we walked down we saw some very productive spots, and some people had fish on the line and fish on the beach. It was looking to be a pretty good day from what we saw walking to our spot. As it turns out my buddy was into at least 5 Cohos and one Chum during the morning; taking home a hatchery Coho and a nice clean Chum doe. This is his first ever Chum and first ever Coho; he was estatic! He also hooked up a wild one who decided to spin itself, and get the line wrapped around its mouth 3 times. I kept the fish in the water, unravelled the mess he was in and took 3 minutes to revive him in the water, he slowly swam away into the clear water.

It was actually a beautiful day despite the rain forecast, we just got spat on by a little shower here and there, but nothing major. I, myself hooked up 3 Cohos, kept a nice 10 lb hatchery, and lost one at my feet due to tripping over a little log in the water. My friend who had started salmon fishing with me this year actually out fished me today. Great job dude ... I'll need to take pointers from you soon.

The four fishermen near us were hooking them up also, one was using roe, and this lady who arrived late and was fly fishing landed 2 in 20 minutes, a couple of 10 lb beauties at about the time we were packing up to leave.

Only the two guys beside us were not getting any bites, unfortunately for them, I tried to show one of them what we were using but he stayed with his lure. He asked me if the spinners we were using is what we called Coho killers? I said, no they're home made, but I guess today you can call them that.

So almost every type of lure was working out on the water. A good short day on the river.

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