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Made it out to the vedder a couple a days this week, fish are quite kegged up in the deep pools, but if the snaggers haven't been around for a few hours you can actually get one to bite.I landed 5 one day and 7 the next and they all fell for my new "natural" style jigs I was experimenting with. Mostly wild does, with a couple of real fresh ones thrown in and only 1 was very dark, but it was a mid teens buck that kicked some arse.
If your interested in trying jigs, check out my website www.bentrods.ca and feel free to call me about jig purchases or just technique tips. I will say that in these clear low conditions, I have found nothing as deadly as the jig.
I did a power hike from peach to bergman and had all the water to myself with the exception of the 10 guys blatatntly trying to SNAG fish in the lickman fish trap. I was quite amazed to see a fellow I have known from fishing for 15 years, joining right in on this debauchery,what a goof. If the water is 5 ft deep and you are fishing with 6-10 ft from your float to weight and a leader longer than 2 ft, you are simply flossing, wether you know it or not. Sad days indeed, never thought the disease would spread to steelhead. People must think I'm crazy fishing a 5 ft deep pool with 2 ft from float to jig, until I hook a few, but the snaggers still don't catch on. The fish are simply holding well off bottom to avoid the constant dredging lines, remember that if you are in this situation. I typically never fish any of the busy runs, but when testing new jigs I like to put them up against good bait to really show their mettle. At one point I pulled 3 fish from behind good rod with bugs, they passed the test with flying colors.

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