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Vedder report

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Fished the vedder today in the upper stretches. My day ended early thanks to a 12# hatchery hen. The fish hit on a small roe bag in a pool that was atleast 20 feet deep. Fish fought pretty hard for the cold water and lack of current for her to use. The river is really shaping up nicely for my style of fishing. I'll post a picture when I get it from my buddy. Can't wait for the next one. :D

Tight Lines,
Wes Roffey
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nates said:
The fish hit on a small roe bag in a pool that was atleast 20 feet deep.
That's interesting. I cannot think of anywhere on the Vedder that would be much over 6' - 8' deep - especially at the current water levels.

We fished the lower today. I got absolutely nothing, not even a bite, but Flyrod was there and he hooked three.
sanderson were you in the upper, mid or lower river? any info good as hook and i going out on monday
All these steelhead reports and no pics??!! :roll:
No ...I don't have any pics up due to too much work and very little fishing!! :( hope that changes soon. Been up twice and hooked one nice steelhead that spit the hook way too quickly...Going up Friday right after graveyard shift :wink:
after grave yard out have fun watching your float. :lol:
Shh! you silly people don't want the word to get out on this sensitive overpreasured river. The way it has about the Nic. :lol:
I don't find it necessary to photograph every fish we catch, especially if they are wild fish that we prefer to release without touching them or removing them from the water. That being said, it is sometimes nice to get a good photo in a scenic location.
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