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Posting this here so all the Leechers don't see
Well all i can say is WOW what a morning. :p:thumbup:

Me and my 2 buddies all fished the same hole today all 3 of us were twitching jigs. Some of us had all the luck and some of us had none :-[ :-X Sometimes that's just the way it goes.

Started off with a small wild on my first cast around 3-4lbs. Then one of my buddies proceeded to bonk 2 hatcheries one buck one doe around 3-4lbs again. I switched to a different jig and bam I hooked a really nice big wild coho around 6lbs i would guess such a beautiful fish.

About 15 mins later i got another good bite and i though the last fish was beautiful ::) guessing around 8lbs.

Finally caught some fish without getting my hands all pink 8) ;D

We went up river to a nice spot and my buddy proceeded to land a stunning 6lb fish!!! wasn't a salmon :eek: ::) ::) ::):thumbup::cheers:

Literally a few casts later i got a nice big buck coho around 8lbs with nice red tinge to it twitching again. (sorry no photo)

Oh and its extremely easy to see where i was fishing so i guess ill see all you guys there tomorrow ::) ::) ::) :thumbup::peace::cheers: Don't be strangers.
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