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I went to Vedder after my hockey game. So got to the river in the afternoon around 3:15. I immediately noticed some guy landed a big Spring across the river. The river didn't color up and rise as much as I expected. I guess the heavy rains in Vancouver hasn't really reached Chilliwack yet. It was not raining too hard there.

I hit a couple of pinks in the first 30 minutes and let them go. I hit a Spring I saw it rise up and shake the hook off. I cast a few more times and then lost my hook and wool in some logs. I then tied up and hooked up another spring this one broke the water and looked to be a 40 lber; I ran down with it trying to control it but it broke my line; I guess I was a little careless with my knot tying on the swivel. So I tied the next one extra strong. Within 30 minutes I was into another Spring. This one I fought for over 10 minutes, it took a couple of long runs and I had to control it. I finally got it tired and it rolled and I landed it easily. It was 30 lbs. The red wool with short leader is working great. I fished for another hour and hooked up a Jack Spring and landed it. Took both of the Springs home, and I was out of the river before 6:00 pm. I didn't really see much else being landed. Not many people at the river at that time.

Good luck to everyone on the weekday. Back to work for me! I may hit the Capilano after work on Wednesday for Coho. It's closer to me in Vancouver.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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