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First 10min

freds to weigh in. Back to river.

next 10min

freds agian.

Home at 10am

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Nice job guys! How do you like that CP rod cohokid?

Hey, hot rod. Worked good. Nice rod
???Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you must QUIT fishing in the Chilliwack/Vedder after you bonk a hatchery fish. I believe you are allowed to go to another river and fish, but it's only ONE per day on that system. If I am correct, I would edit your post. ;).......Ortho
My bet is ortho that only one of these two young men kept fishing after the first was caught, and the other just watched...what are you two, brothers? Nice fish Cohokid...
First fish, caught by The top guy (cohoslayer) Then he watched me fish, till i got myn. Can people not tell us appart. 2 diffrent kids. 2 diffrent rods in the pic with both fish on the ground.
Well you both are wearing the same style or make of running shoe ;)

Plus if you both weren't wearing a hat it might be easier, but one with a hat and the other makes it hard.
Good Job Guys...by the way...you two guys are probably the scroniest guys I've ever seen haha

Mike <")))))><
Well I was just tryin to make sure no one got into hot water. ;).......Looks like you guys had a fun day!! ;D......Ortho 8)
Ortho, are you stirring up trouble again ;) ;D

Nice fish guys, it seems as though everyone is getting into some luck lately. It will be a good season for sure!
S T.....when I decide to stir up trouble.....you'll KNOW!.. ;)...Don't know the lucky fishers. My first read lead me to believe one person,two fish....I stand corrected...... :)..Ortho 8)
Nice job Kid !!!!!!
got another 8 lb hatchy doe today
Pics Nick? Found a freakin dope run today that we have to fish on Saturday. Just a bit below the "perch". And your not a steely slayer? Your like 2-28 ;D
Yeah, the pics are in my camera, in my vest, in nicks car. So ill download them tommrow. ALong with the other 2 fish were gonna get. I also hit another fish today, but lost it because IM A BEEk
so how does it feel to be a beek coho kid? Is it beekalicuis

yoou will get one tom ;D ;D
nice fish to the both of you
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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