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I want to go on a saltwater fishing trip somewhere on the island. I would like mixture of Salmon and bottom fish and would like to take a few fish home. Does anyone have any guideing recommendations? Thanks for the advice in advance
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Todd Jennings is a good guide out of Ucluelet. My family and I had a great time on a 2 day salmon charter. Good fishing for Springs!

He also does Halibut/bottom fish trips as well...book your charter soon! He is a pretty popular guide.
If you are interested in Tofino area let me know or fire me a PM. Had some great days over there last year.

Do a search in the salt forum from last fall as I had a post up of one of my days over there last year.

Actually here it is.........
SerengetiGuide said:
Thank you, I will definetely look into your outfitter
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