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In my new member introduction, I said I was from Scotland. Lund-lubber asked me if I had any info on fishing in northern Scotland near Inverness as he is going there is August. Rather than put it in that section, I thought I’d start a new one in a more appropriate place.

So, Lund-lubber my dad is from Huntly, east of Aberdeen (quite far is Scottish terms, nothing in Canadian). We fished water around there a lot when I was young.

One of the bigger (again, in Scottish terms) rivers in that area is the Deveron. It is really nice, with runs of salmon, sea trout (sea run brown trout) and resident browns. When you are there, I would not expect salmon, but it could be good sea trout and resident brown fishing.

I’m not sure it you are a fly guy? If you are, more traditional looking flies that you might use for summer steelhead would work well for sea trout, tied sparse or low water.

Generally, sea trout are hard to catch. You are best to fish for them at night, or dusk, which when you will be there is pretty late. Scotland is parallel with Prince Rupert and as a result stays light quite a bit longer than Vancouver. But fresh fish can be more aggressive.

Resident browns are another good option. The Deveron has some bigger fish and there are some other rivers like the Bogie, Bogieness, Blackwater that are near Huntly that will have smaller fish.

I have never fished around Inverness, but I know there is the River Ness, which probably has sea trout, salmon and browns. There will also be some lakes (called lochs) that will have browns, arctic char and ferox in them, as well as the odd sea trout.

The rules are different in Scotland. You can’t just rock up to a river and fish. Most rivers are split into sections and are owned by someone. Often, its an angling group. You can book days on the river. I’d do it early as the schedule can get full (not necessarily busy because the numbers are restricted).

Oh yeah, and there is also the Spey, Dee, Tay and other rivers that are now viewed as somewhat mythical!

Anyway, good luck to you and post some pics if you get a chance! Make me homesick!

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Many thanks for the info Albafly.

I used to fly a few years back, but no longer. I'm sure it would come back to me if I picked up a rod in Inverness.

I'll do some more research and maybe see if I can find a guide to show me around. If I do wet a line, I'll definitely post some pics for all to share.


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Albafly I lived in Buckie for about 9 years
and worked with a guy from Huntly
Another work mate used to fish the mouth of the Spey(Spey Bay) for seatrout
He used home made copper lures

And i used to watch the guys spinning for salmon on the river Spey
They would use little wood boat units that the clipped on there line to unsnag there lures if they got hung up on the bottom

The River Spey is probably the most famous salmon river in the World. The Spey rises in the Monadhliath mountains to the south of Loch Ness and flows 100 miles northwards to enter the Moray Firth at Spey bay. In its lower course, downstream of Grantown, it is a fast flowing river, providing miles of perfect, and highly sought after, fly fishing water.
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