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Walloper Lake

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my g/f wanted to try a lake that she could just catch a fish at....so I looked up this lake and found out it was gimme for catching....we tried it out this afternoon and landed 4 in about 10 minutes near the end where the aerator is...then it just died...I heard they were small but these were tiny, maybe the biggest was 6 inches..all went back down the hole to say the least....if anyone has kids it looks as though they would be non stop in the morning...caught them on krill, maggots did not work...ice is quite thick.
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Average size of fish in this lake is about 12''. The best suggestion I can give you is look for where the sun is on the lake for most of the day. Than fish in about 4-6 feet of water. When the ice is on the place that gets the most sun is where the weeds are still going to be green. Any part of the lake where it gets none to very little sun is going to be dead.
we got there kind of late yesterday and it was overcast...fish are too small her, felt bad actually hooking into them....think I will leave that lake for kids just starting out!!! might give stake a go in the spring!
im not an ice fishing expert but from what i understand alot of the good ice fishing dies right out after xmas with the onset of colder temps. i did go to red in january last year and had some good days but it is deffinately slowing down. it is now time for me to focus on the squamish/cheakamus area for big bulls and maybe the odd steely. :thumbup:
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