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short notice but here it is....

Hi Jim,

I know this is short notice and all the work is during the week, but hopefully you could pass this along for me.

I am looking for a couple volunteers to help out on the Silverhope next Wednesday (Oct. 20th) and Friday (Oct.22). We will be collecting a bunch of fish from a side channel we built back in 2005 and we could use a hand collecting, identifying and sampling (lengths and weights) juvenile fish. We will be staying at Hope for these days and whoever is welcome to come out for a 9am start and leave whenever they want. Though not required, I would recommend waders and boots to best assist with the work. I would be willing to offer up some gas $ ($25) and a meal stipend ($15) for those interested.

The dates are pretty much set in stone - barring mother nature's wrath or other uncontrollable circumstances, and the times will be slightly flexible as volunteers can come and go as they please.

If you would like any more information, let me know or you can have people contact me directly with the best number to reach me being my cell phone 604-834-9770.


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